We add value by taking on those tasks and projects taking up too much of your valuable time, so you can run your business. We start from the outside. Many companies review procedures and operations either from the top or the bottom. We envision your establishment as a circle rather than a pyramid. We investigate all aspects of your business goals in order to comprehensively understand your uniqueness and customize processes to help you deliver on your goals.

Accounting and Records

Keeping accounts and records straight is challenging. At Cuidich, we are experts at organizing the money flow. We address financial statements, cash flow reports, income statements and balance sheets. We prepare budgets and year-end statements along with accounts receivable, payable records, reconciliations, payroll, remittances, and HST. Because we work according to how your business functions and not via a generic accounting program, you will always be able to clearly understand your financial picture.

Project Management

An external project manager can bring focus to those projects that have been lagging on for some time or require focus your internal satff can not spend time on. Your competitors and non-profit collegues are turning to contract project managers to deliver their initiatives. A project could be ensuring compliance to Information Security of Privacy standards, converting to a new system, new product idea, moving offices, correcting data problems even hiring that all important Accountant. Do you have an initiative lagging on and on or not sure how to start? We can help with cost effective part time effort, coaching, starting the plans for you to execute or leave the execution to us. All of the Project Management processes, even used individually, are very productive and applicable to non-profits and small business alike. Cuidich’s expertise in this area will help you gain control of those important initiatives and see them through.


Cuidich Inc. works with you to save time and money. We free up your valuable resources so you can focus on your vision. You know you’re objective, we simply help you get there. We are adamant about getting to know you and your company, researching your market and industry, understanding your short and long-term needs, and delivering services that help you attain your goals. Put our strengths to work for you.

Call or email us at wewillhelpyou@cuidich.com.